"The Pothole Machine"

Designing and building everything from
sidecars, off roads, choppers and Café racers,
Jörg has let his creative side blossom, with
talent and imagination, he's able to create
bikes like no one's ever seen.

To the left: What he likes to call his PotHole
Machine: An XS 650, stretched and modified
for Nova Scotia Roads!
The Sidecar

Above: Jörg kicking his
XS 650
The 59 on the boat is a
tribute to London's
59'ers Club.!

Top Left: Sidecar. In
To the right: How tall is that PotHole Machine?
It dwarfs Jörg's prized triumph, and BMW.
Below, in progress...

Joerg's Favorite Muse: Yamahas!
Yamaha's first motorcycle was the 1 YA-1, which had a 125 cc, single-cylinder two-stroke engine. It was launched in February 1955 and
the bike won its first race, the Mount Fuji Ascent Race, in July 1955.  Yamaha continued producing two-stroke engines until it launched
the XS-1 in 1969, with a 650 cc two-cylinder four-stroke engine, using expertise that it gained doing engine development work for Toyota.
In 1979, the XT500 won the first Paris-Dakar Rally. In 1994, Yamaha announced the creation of Star Motorcycles, a new brand name for
its cruiser series of motorcycles in the American market. In other markets Star motorcycles are sold under the Yamaha brand.
A classic version of the bike,
lovingly restored once upon a
time in Germany .

"In der Zwischenzeit hatte ich
meine erste XS 650 erstanden -
das Männermotorrad.
Ganz zum Wohlgefallen einer
meiner Freunde restaurierte ich
die Kiste und musste
mir ständig anhören, wieviel
günstiger doch die Teile von
BMW sind. Die alte XS
erstrahlte in neuem Glanz und
Farbe und Chrom und und und.
Ich war stolz wie Oskar
auf der ersten Ausfahrt zum TÜV.
Und dann passierte es: ich kam
durch und er der
Prüfer zeigte meine Maschine
den anderen Fahrern - so sieht
ein Motorrad aus! Bingo!
Nichts wie weg und endlich legal
auf die Straße." ~ J
A Yamaha TDR Joerg few
years back.

The Yamaha TDR 250 is a
dual purpose motorcycle
manufactured by Yamaha
between 1988 and 1993. It
is powered by a two-stroke
parallel twin engine utilizing
the Yamaha Power Valve
System (YPVS).

Designed to provide agile
handling and quick
acceleration for both on and
off road use. It was the
world's first two stroke to
use a CDI ignition and digital
advance system [1]
Below, the old front end...
The TDR, Customized. Gone but not Forgotten.
09/10 Winter Project, a Yamaha Triple...done!
Just unloaded from the truck,
looks like it need a little TLC.
The Yamaha XS 750 and Yamaha XS 850
was a line of motorcycles produced by the
Yamaha Motor Corporation from 1976 to
1981 for the worldwide motorcycle

These bikes are usually referred to as
"Triples" because they have 3 cylinders.
The first 4 model years the bike displaced
750cc. This was increased to 850cc for
the final 2 model years. There were
various changes made to the model over
the years.
A major clean and tune up,
Windjammer Fairing and a
seat and muffler redesign,
and she's looking better then

Sorry, still no coffee machine!
A Velorex boat, attached to
a 70's Yamaha XS 650, with
a BSA tank, and "bad ass"
hayabusa exhaust -- among
other changes, make this
side car a unique sight on
Nova Scotia Roads.

Her top speed is only
about 90kms... so you can
always get a good look!
In progress
Joerg's XS for Gordon (& Cathy).
Full Restoration.
The Sissy Bar is
for Cathy!
"The Little

To the right: Another
bike made from
Jörg's favorite muse,
the XS 650.

With his signature
bar-end flashers,
and tireless attention
to detail, this little
café racer is at once
modern and a classic.
Completed: The XS 650
"Beach Cruiser"
Happy Customers!
Step 1: Making it run... good
old kick starts!!
Winter bike??
<-- How she arrived.. see the
"Projects" page for more in progress
New to the garage, a
Yamaha XJ 600. Engine
pulled apart, blown piston,
yup, this one is going to
take a bit longer!
Photo Credit: Mag Davis
Yamaha XJ 600
Old, Old School Chopper
An XS 650 from back in the day!
It was a dark and rainy night!
An '81 XS1100 off the truck... I
think the duct taped headlight,
and bedliner painted tank tells
the story...
Rode hard and
put away wet?
The Plan: Fairing, new seat, flashers, etc...
    Stay tuned it's gonna be cool!
XS650 Rework
The XS 1100