After moving to Canada in 1997, Jörg began his new life here by working for BMW. After many years there, he decided it was
time for a change, and decided to become a financial advisor. In his warm home, with two cozy cats, life in Canada has been
challenging, but also rewarding.

Wanting to make his mark, Jörg thought of the
Ace Café in London, and how all over Europe bike builders are creating
motorcycles by taking them not as set models, or stock items, but customizing them using parts from a mixture of sources. Joerg
had started creating, in his own garage, and using the resources around him to make something completely one-of-a-kind out of
bikes he picked up around the Province. Some he called "Basket Cases" they were in so many pieces. Letting his imagination and
creativity guide him, his interest in building the ultimate motorcycle --  caught fire...
The Haus Tigers!
Jörg's New Life: In Canada
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Hell on wheels...
2011 Winter Project, not a motorcycle, some more space for them!
The Loft
A place for everything and everything
in its place...

And so it began...
Jörg's Haus