The Beach Cruiser
Fitted with Super-wide "beach bars" and huge headlight
this XS was rescued from an abusive home, now restored it to its former glory...
plus a little more...
Sporty Yamaha 900! Just awaiting paint!
More Completed Projects... a 1986 GPZ 550 Kawasaki
< How she started.
The Yamaha XJ900 was born
out of the original Yamaha XJ
model motorcycle, the XJ 650,
which was the foundation for
the whole XJ series.

Yamaha XJ900. In its original
incarnation launched in 1983,
the XJ900 had an air-cooled,
double overhead camshaft,
853 cc 4-stroke, 4 cylinder, 8
valve engine. Originally fitted
with a handlebar mounted
bikini fairing, its handling
came in for criticism. This was
quickly replaced with a frame
mounted upper fairing and
retrofitted to all models. The
XJ900 came with anti-dive
front forks, shaft drive and
triple disc brakes.
The New One!!

Left: Upon Arrival, not terrible shape. Cosmetic
damage and an engine that wouldn't run... First
order of business... new windshield!!

Below, some TLC and a bit of Ebay shopping and the
bike is looking and working, much better!!
Completed:  New Windshield, Lower Fairing, Seat  
Cover, Side Panels, Mufflers and a major tune up
and clean up... and it's starting to look a lot
better... -->>
Building the bike up with a
big tank, and gunfighter
seat, and new head
light...Below: the bike is
checked for fit with the
sidecar, and a frame is
fabricated. The plan is
underway, with
a lot of
to come!

Currently working on the
bike and boat separately...
Introducing the 2011-2012 Winter Project: The Honda Sidecar!
Below: Still Dripping from the truck ride
this 1980 CB 900 Custom was in pretty
good shape rolling trough the door, but
as usual, not running! First things first!
Fitted with her cool new bars
and headlight!
Completed Projects... a 1979 SR 650 Kawasaki!
Above, how it started... more in-progress
photos on the Kawi page...
Sidecar... before!
XS650 Sidecar to Single Conversion.
It was a dark and rainy
night! An '81 XS1100
off the truck... I think
the duct taped
headlight, and bedliner
painted tank tells the
The XS 1100
New Fairing and road testing...
Coming soon...
Racing Sidecar!!
Cleaning, painting, rewiring...
Awaiting the rework
Fairing fitting, tank and tail mock up

Hummmm.... Let's just call it cool...
It starts with a frame on a box, and a plan...
         XS650/winter 2015