The Bikes:

   Welcome to the home
    of motorcycle builder
         Jörg Kanehl!

Spring Cleaning.. wow.. you can see the
garage floor!
Jörg came to  Canada  in  1997  with  a  
container filled with  motorcycles,   parts,   
and  tools.

From the age of 15,  Jörg  has  dedicated
himself to the fine art of motorcycle  
maintenance. His love of two wheels never

His  creative  side  caught  fire  in Canada
when his dream  of  modifying  and
reconstructing motorcycles
 like British
did in the 60's, came true.  

Free of  Germany’s  severe  restrictions,  
he  was able  to  start building the bikes
he’d always  dreamed of creating.
He is a true motorcycle artist.

Visit often as we update the progress on his newest projects,
including a 650   "Beach Bike" and an off road racer!